It’s Friday, and I’m trying to get the Kickstarter started–it’s been delayed by Amazon Payments, thanks to the Bank Secrecy Act (or whatever government nonsense has a problem with P.O boxes, even if the U.S. Post Office where one receives one’s mail refuses to deliver mail because the postal workers don’t want to climb hills, and so there aren’t home mail delivery addresses, but only P.O. boxes)–but it’ll be live just as soon as it’s within my power to make it so. Thanks for your patience!

Hello, and welcome!

It’s your old pal Doc from here, bringing you the news that YES! The book about the Mojave Phone Booth is finally nearing completion!

This Friday, August 15th, I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign to publish the book. I’ll post the Kickstarter link on Friday, in tandem with a link to a story about the Mojave Phone Booth that will appear on the PRX/NPR radio program Snap Judgment. The show will be available on the Snap Judgment website on Friday, and will air on radio stations at various times through the weekend.

In answer to questions already asked: yes, there will be Mojave Phone Booth t-shirts, there will be Mojave Phone Booth stickers, there will be probably other sundry gew-gaws also (including bookmarks, Ms. Darwin!).

This is going to be FUN…!

(I should mention that I did the book cover as pictured above just as a mock-up–unless people seem to like it, in which case it could be the real cover. What do you think?)