Mojave Mirage: A short documentary showing the Mojave Phone Booth in action

Derek Roberto and Kaarina Cleverley Roberto have kindly made available, in its entirety, their short documentary Mojave Mirage (2003), on YouTube:

“`Mojave Mirage’ documents the phenomenon surrounding a lone phone booth in the Mojave Desert. The booth constantly received calls from all over the world, while people from all over the world began to travel there to see it live. The film captures a day in the life of the booth and the controversy spurred by its popularity. The phenomenon which originated on the Internet, serves as a provocative metaphor of the Information Age.”

The Snap Judgment episode featuring the Mojave Phone Booth…

…is up, and it’s good, and you can hear it here:


And if you’re inclined to take part in the project to publish the book that tells the whole story (including many parts that have as yet been unrevealed), the Kickstarter for my book, Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth, is here:


Many thanks to all who have contributed and to all who will contribute!