Something I read today: “Even `no update’ is an update.”

Things are still moving forward, though several deadlines and have come and gone, to my chagrin, shame, and embarrassment. There have been a few back-to-the-ol’-drawin’-board issues and also something I’m already referring to as “The Incident.” Also, my headaches turned out not to be a brain tumor–I just needed glasses. Suffice to say (again) that there’s a ton more than I understood to putting out a book. But it is happening still.

Thank you all again for your abundance of patience and entire lack of shaming me (though I deserve it)!


Publication delay

Hello all!

It has been in some ways a trying couple of months. I had hoped to be the Kickstarter exception, rather than (as I’m told) the Kickstarter rule, but it appears that I drool, which is to say that there will be a delay in the publishing of Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth. I hope this won’t occasion the lighting of torches and the taking up of pitchforks. I asked my terrific editor-to-be for a “note from the doctor” on the subject:

“Hey, all you lovely Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth Kickstarter backers! Editor Heather here. I bit off more than I could chew this Spring and am therefore singlehandedly responsible for the delay of the deliverables on Doc’s book! Rest assured that doesn’t mean that Doc is idle … he’s working on the other rewards while I clear some obligations off my plate in order to give the project the attention it deserves. Thanks for your patience!
— Heather McGee Lackey”

I apologize to you all. At the same time, this short delay will be for the best. Trust me, you do not want to read an unedited book (if you’ve ever read my website, Deuce of Clubs, that’s me without an editor–fine for a website, less than optimal for a book). I’m very happy that the very busy Heather will be able to work with me at all. She made suggestions months ago, after reading the first chapter (the one you’ve read) that improved it immensely. The extra time will make for a better book, one I can be more proud of and you’ll be happier reading. (I promise it will be funnier and more entertaining than this announcement.) The editing phase begins May 5th. The Kickstarter rewards will go out with the books this summer. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanking you for your support and patience and understanding,